Death To Zombies coffee rocks! Great beans, I french press them for a delicious cup of coffee that always gets me rolling in the morning. Excellent product backed by a fine group of guys.

Brett Owens



My wife and I just received and tasted our first  DEATH TO ZOMBIES bag of coffee.  The aroma of the fresh roasted coffee is simply wonderful and filled our kitchen.  As coffee connoisseurs, we were blown away at how rich and smooth the coffee tastes from the first to the last drop.  Ricky and Larry, your coffee is absolutely the most amazing and delicious way to shake off the morning and afternoon “Zombie” and get the day moving.  Thank you for such an outstanding product.

- Russell Sullivan


I love Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, the best aroma and tasting coffee ever.

- Melba Spotswood


"The team here at Bold Commerce LOVES 'Death to Zombies Coffee!' We tried it out this morning surrounded by our team members, and every one kept commenting about the fantastic aroma coming from the station! We slow brewed it through our ​chemex​ brewer​, to get the best possible flavour; but I imagine it would taste good no matter what!​ I can't imagine it's going to last very long with our office coffee snobs!"  

- Victoria Stephens (


WOW, your "Death to Zombies Coffee" quality blew me away! I enjoy the aroma and richness, and realized while drinking a cup that I was also helping feed children around the world. Thank you so much for this coffee.

- Gary Cramer


Coffee Cousins' zombie brand has a unique flavor that keeps me wanting another cup! I consider myself a coffee connoisseur and have definitely added coffee cousins to the top of my list of preferred coffee.

- Morgan Nagel


Thanks for shipping my first bag of the 'Death to Zombies' coffee. It arrived much quicker than I thought it would. As soon as I opened the bag I could smell that the aroma was clean and unique. The best thing about it is that the aroma also matches the taste, unlike other coffees that smell good but taste horrible. Just like the bag says it is smooth, tastes good, and kills the morning 'Zombie' feeling.

- Dan Garcia


The Ricky and Larry coffee has a wonderful aroma. The coffee is rich and smooth with a terrific fresh taste. Mark Rahner

- Mark Rahner


I have been drinking "Death to Zombies" coffee for about two weeks now. It is delicious and does not have any bitter taste. I want to drink much more than my usual limit of one cup in the morning!

- Marcia Allen



I absolutely have got to give 5 stars to Coffee Cousins! I'd recommend this coffee to anyone who wants a beautiful blend of happiness-in-a-cup. Thank you Coffee Cousins for making mornings more pleasant! All I can say is, "Give me COFFEE COUSINS coffee. NOW!!" 

- Stefanie Nicole



Studies have show that drinking "Coffee Cousins' Coffee" makes you AWESOME! So my suggestion is that you drink it daily! Unless you don't want to be awesome that is...

- Retro Guy (OK, maybe I'm not a "real" guy, but I still love their coffee, so buy it)


Great tasting coffee and comedy to boot. Who needs more?

- Julian Sakanee


Smooth and delicious about sums the Coffee Cousins' coffee up. Who wouldn't love it?

- Toshia Wood


Hey guys, Tried Death to Zombies coffee over the weekend and really like it! I'll definitely be using the rest of the bag and bring it into the office to share.

- Adam Hendle
Marketing Director @


Wanted to say THANK YOU for the most delicious coffee I have ever had!!! Actually had a few cups, just to make sure...?  Yep! Best tasting coffee I have ever had! I'm going to have a coffee party this weekend so that I share it before I drink it all!

- Melody Yates