The Coffee Cousins

Cousins Ricky and Larry grew up in a far away place called, Coffeeland.  

Their love for coffee grew ever since drinking it as young children. Yes, permissive parents indeed. (Note from Ricky: "we do not advocate giving coffee to kids, unless you use it as a bribe, or it replaces their allowance or something like that."). The cousins tended to spill a lot from their coffee mugs so their moms thought it best to use "sippy-cups" with lids (You no longer have to wonder about who invented the sippy-cup, now you know. Their moms. Another story for another time).

Ricky and Larry became active teenagers and frequenting the local coffee shops wasn't just a hobby, it became their sport. And, they became very good at it. We're talking, "scholarship" good. Only there weren't college scholarships back then for great coffee drinkers like there are today. 

So, as the years passed by, their love for the "black juice" became an obsession, so much so, that one day after their 5th cup of the juice (hey, it was already 5:30 in the morning), they decided that they should start their own coffee company.  Actually, a coffee "club" where all their friends could have delicious "Coffee Cousins" coffee personally delivered to their door each week or so, by the cousins themselves. 

Well, at first this wasn't bad, since they only had like 7 friends, and most of them only liked Ricky and Larry for their great tasting, gourmet coffee. But, as word traveled far and wide about how smooth and delicious their coffee was, and demand increased, they decided that they would need to use the good 'ol US postal service to do their grunt work, so they could concentrate on perfecting other coffees for good people like you.

Well, there's a lot more to the story but you'd probably much rather hear about their "coffee," right?

OK, thought so. Here ya go...


The Coffee Lovers' Coffee

Are you tired of the same old coffee you drink every day? Do you want coffee that comes off like a personal trainer while still being smooth and tasty? Then choose Ricky and Larry Coffee Club (The "Cousin's Coffee") today and see what we have in store for you. The Ricky and Larry Gourmet Coffee Club specializes in organic, fair trade coffee that is super smooth and delicious. Our premium coffees use 100% Arabica beans and are freshly roasted in-house by coffee lovers just like you. Make sure to sign up for a membership today so you get the world's best coffee, delivered right to your door on a regular basis!


The Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc... "Mission"

Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc. is a customer centric company focused on providing inventive coffees in a fun, exciting atmosphere. As one of the most innovative premium coffee providers, we have made it our mission to continue offering the world’s smoothest, most delicious coffee, with humor, to coffee lovers everywhere.  

And, we're excited that a portion of every coffee bag you buy helps make a better life for the people and their families involved in the farming on the coffee plantations, as well as feeding starving children thru World Vision.


Why Choose Ricky and Larry Coffee Club?

The Coffee Cousins, Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc. offers the world's smoothest, most delicious, organic, fair trade, artisan, specialty, 100% Arabica coffee. 

Even though our humorous approach may be a parody on the zombie craze (or any theme coffee we're offering), we're very serious about the quality of our gourmet coffee. When you taste one of our specially roasted coffees, you will experience our passion for creating the “perfect” cup of java.

Our growing list of Rick and Larry Coffee fans can’t be wrong. The Coffee Cousins' Coffee Club is the number one source for quality, taste and service. Choose a membership today and let our coffee make you a customer for life. 


We’re Friendly, Get Social with Us

To learn more about the Coffee Cousins and Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc. and our full line of organic, fair trade, specialty, 100% Arabica, premium coffees, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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You'll also see how to earn really cool prizes, free coffee, and even cash for doing very simple and fun tasks online.


Oh, and one last thing (if you want to be a hero to your friends that is)... make sure to send some of our coffee to your friends. At the very least, tell them about it.



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