Company Questions
Our coffee is roasted fresh in the mid-west, USA, then shipped fresh to your door via First Class US Mail, or Priority US Mail.

Usually you can expect you first order to arrive within 4 to 12 days after ordering. In most cases within 7 days. If your order has not arrived, please wait 12 days before contacting us at
The short answer... ABSOLUTELY! The advantages of joining the Ricky and Larry COFFEE CLUB are so you can count on our super smooth, delicious coffee getting delivered every week, bi-weekly or monthly right to your door. We also give you a discount on your coffee as a club member. Plus, you'll get "special" deals from time to time that only club members get. Be cool, become a Club Member today (Join Here)!
Purchasing whole beans and grinding them immediately before brewing is your best bet for the freshest, best tasting Ricky and Larry coffee. Coffee beans stay fresher longer because there's less surface area exposed to oxygen. Even though we all need it to live, it's "not" coffee's best friend.
Yes. Please send your contact info. to and we'll get back to you ASAP. Please tell us how you'll sell it and how much you think you'll be selling.
We use high-quality bags with one-way valves to seal in the fresh-from-the-roaster taste. Our bags have a zipper so you the coffee stays fresh even after you open the bag.
Freshness is very important to us all. Well, it should be. We roast your coffee shortly before shipping to you so it's about as fresh as any home brewed coffee you can get on the market. Each bag has a "de-gassing" valve and zipper to help keep your coffee fresher, longer. Ideally you'll want to join the Ricky and Larry Coffee "Club" and have our fresh roasted coffee (beans or ground) coming to your door every week, two weeks or monthly! You can easily join right at the website:
Cold, clean, fresh water is best.
Try using 2 level tablespoons (TBS) of beans or ground coffee for each six ounces of water. Then, adjust to your personal taste for that perfect cup of coffee.
In a cool, dry place in an airtight container at room temperature. Do "not" keep in the refrigerator or freezer. Remember, oxygen, sunlight and moisture are coffee's enemies.
Automatic Drip (coffee maker) - Medium grind French Press - Coarse grind. Espresso – Fine powder.
Medium for drip coffee makers.
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