Hey there fellow coffee drinkers,

If you'd like to make some extra money (or possibly a lot of money) by selling the Coffee Cousins' coffee, all you need to do is get an affiliate link and join us.  There's no cost. We even provide fun marketing pieces for you to promote. 
We plan to be the "Ben and Jerry of Coffee" (offering several varieties over time), and we're marketing it with humor. We're the champagne of coffees.

Our coffees are super smooth, delicious, organic, fair trade,100% Arabica, premium, gourmet, International coffees. We guarantee people will love our coffee or they'll get their money back with our 90 day 100% money back guarantee. Always Free Shipping!

They can order it once, and also have it delivered to their door fresh every week, bi-weekly, monthly, whenever. They can change or pause their order easily at any time.
HOW YOU EARN... Our affiliate (brand ambassador) program pays a whopping 25% commissions on all of your personal coffee sales. It's all tracked for you in your own back-office we provide for free. We also pay you 5% override commissions on all the sales made by anybody in the USA who you refer to the Coffee Cousins (we give you your own referral link so you get credit and you can also track your commissions and overrides in realtime in the "back office" we give you. Refer as many people as you want and earn on "all" of their sales. If that wasn't enough, we also pay you 3% override commissions on all of the coffee sales made by the people referred by the people you referred, so you're earning down TWO levels past your personal sales.

To become an Affiliate (Brand Ambassador)...

P.S. The affiliate program is for individual retail sales to consumers only, and does not include wholesale sales to resellers. (If you are interested in selling to resellers such as Amazon and eBay sellers, online stores and catalogs, please send an email to nick@thecoffeecousins.com with your questions and selling history or resume).  

As an Affiliate (Brand Ambassador) you are "not" an employee of The Coffee Cousins (The Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc) and must pay your own taxes on the commissions you earn.