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FINALLY!! We finally got this dog-gone coffee club up and running. It's been a long time in the making.

Hey there friends, old and new... 

Well, we don't mean "old" as in "old" per se. We mean old as in we've known you for more than a week.  New as in, well... new. 

Anyway, we're so glad you could join us for a coffee and a little read. Let's start in the beginning. That's a good place to start, right? Starting in the middle only confuses things.  In the beginning... OK, not "the" beginning. That would make us like, really, REALLY old! So old, we'd be buying our clothes at "Really Old Navy." Groan...

Cousins Ricky and Larry grew up in a far away place called, "Coffeeland."  

Their love for coffee grew ever since drinking it as young children. Yes, decadent parents indeed. (Note from Ricky: we do not advocate giving coffee to kids, unless you use it as a bribe or it replaces their allowance or something like that). They (meaning little Ricky and Larry) tended to spill a lot from their coffee mugs so mom thought it best to use "sippy-cups" with lids. Ricky and Larry became active teenagers and frequenting the local coffee shops wasn't just a hobby, it became their sport. And, they became very good at it. We're talking, "scholarship" good. Only there weren't college scholarships back then for great coffee drinkers like there are today. 

So, as the years passed by, their love for the "black juice" became an obsession, so much so, that one day after their 5th cup of the juice (hey, it was already 6:30AM), they decided that they should start their own coffee company.  Actually, a coffee "club" where all their friends could have the delicious "Coffee Cousins" coffee personally delivered to their door each week or so by the cousins themselves. 

Well, at first this wasn't bad, since they only had like 7 friends, and most of them only liked Ricky and Larry for their coffee. But, as word traveled far and wide about how smooth and delicious their coffee was, and demand increased, they decided that they would need to use the good 'ol US postal service to do their grunt work, so they could concentrate on perfecting other coffees for good people like you.

That brings us to today.

Here's a little overview (OK, maybe more like a overview/sales pitch)...


The Coffee Lovers Coffee

Are you tired of the same old coffee you drink every day? Do you want coffee that comes off like a personal trainer while still being smooth and drinkable? Then choose Ricky and Larry Coffee Club (The "Cousin's Coffee") today and see what we have in store for you. Ricky and Larry Coffee Club specializes in and offers a wide range of organic, fair trade coffee that is smooth and delicious. Our coffee blends use 100% Arabica beans and are freshly roasted in-house by coffee lovers just like you. Sign up for a subscription today and taste the world's best coffee, delivered right to your door!


The Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc... "Mission"

Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA and serving the needs of coffee lovers around the world, Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc. is a customer centric company focused on providing inventive coffee blends in a fun, exciting atmosphere. As one of the most innovative coffee providers, we have made it our mission to continue offering the world’s smoothest, most delicious coffee, with humor, to coffee lovers everywhere.  And, we're excited that a portion of every coffee bag you buy helps feed starving children thru World Vision.


Why Choose Ricky and Larry Coffee Club?

Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc. offers the world's smoothest, most delicious, organic, fair trade, artisan, specialty, 100% Arabica coffee. 

Even though our humorous approach may be a parody on the zombie craze (or any theme coffee we're offering), we're very serious about the quality of our coffee. When you taste one of our specially roasted blends, you will experience our passion for creating the “perfect” cup of java.

Our growing list of Rick and Larry Coffee fans can’t be wrong. Ricky and Larry Coffee Club is the number one source for quality, taste and service. Choose a subscription today and let our coffee make you a Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc. customer for life. 



We’re Friendly, Get Social with Us

To learn more about Ricky and Larry Coffee Club, Inc. and our full line of organic, fair trade, specialty, 100% Arabica coffees, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and to become a part of the Ricky and Larry Coffee Club online community and be the first to see what our brilliant coffee team comes up with next.


Sign up for a Coffee Subscription today and taste the world's best coffee!  


IMPORTANT P.S.  - that you should probably read. We actually will have some good content (and sometimes even funny) in the blog posts so make sure to hook up with us (get on our newsletter mailing list), so we can keep you informed, entertained, and even help you get some free coffee and make money sharing us with friends. No, this is not one of those mlm deals. We just want to get the word out about the best coffee in the world (possibly the universe, but we can't confirm that. Yet) and will pay you in coffee and money for helping us do that. So join our free newsletter, especially if you're too cheap to buy over coffee.  Did we just say that? 

Leave a comment below. But only if it's helpful, cool or funny. And, clean. Got it?



Private Comments heard room the Coffee Cousins' back room:

Ricky: "OK, end of blog post #1."

Larry: "It's about time. How often we gotta do these things anyway, hey?"

Ricky: "Hey Larry, let's get back to our Facebook page and give our friends some fun stuff to laugh at, and show them how to earn free coffee, cool t-shirts, caps, and coffee mugs, even cash prizes."

NOTE: If you didn't catch it, the prior comment was a suggestion for you to go to Ricky and Larry's Facebook page and Follow them, Like it, Like some posts, Comment on some posts, Share some posts, and tell all your friends to try their coffee.



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